ORWA Founded by Bekho.

Origami is the art of one rule “one paper ,No cut ,No glue"

1- Psychological support for sound deaf ,special needs and post-war traumatized

2- Education self learning improvement and children's skills enhancement by workshops , Held 100+ workshops and various activities in cooperation with national and international NGO's

3- In paper recycling into wide variety products with economical and artistic value

4- In society development as an alternative income source , introducing unique advertising and marketing ideas

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Here are different types of ORWA workshops in origami !!

Learn you how to use origami in our life

1- Introduction origami workshop

This workshop learn you all you need to know about origami; it’s history ,benefits,uses , learn and apply the basic techniques in folding paper

2- Primary origami workshop

It is more advanced workshop than the “ introduction workshop", you will learn and apply different techniques of folding and make many modules.

3- Psychological aid

Origami art is important for children and for sound deaf ,special needs and post-war traumatized as it’s an activity To Feel A Sense Personal Achievement and other benefits.

4- Educational workshop

We can use origami as an activity to teach children some different lessons in our life .and that determined as the organization/ school's needs

5- Specialized workshop

Through origami you can produce a wide range of products such as ; packaging, decoration (indoor & outdoor) ,women accessories , toys, 3D origami and so on. For each category has it’s own workshop

6- Summer camp

This is a master workshop to learn origami in details with all the techniques and modules , to be professional in using origami .the workshop suits children and adults.

Orwa products and workshops

Here are some of various products that is developed by orwa team and workshops that applied